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Performance. SEO. Content.

Orginally a Performance Marketing agency, we’ve expanded those data and insight smarts to offer SEO & Content services. We approach marketing mindfully and patiently; working with you to get to the heart and soul of what you really offer and what your customers really need. We take your business seriously, and we treat your money like our own.

Formula for

Approach to data-driven performance, search engine marketing and content marketing. Performance marketing experts.

The formula for tikitaka success is an effective combination of process + human smarts + analysis + tools. This carefully curated allows us to deliver remarkable results for our clients.

Process + Smarts + Analysis + Tools.

Always testing, always learning, always getting better. We leave no stone unturned in our pursuit of success.

New technologies offer optimization and improvement opportunities that are simply not feasible for humans. Using artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (MI), complex algorithms, predictive data analytics, and process automation technology, our specialists achieve significantly higher campaign performance and deeper insights into results and return on investment (ROI).

Say what?!

Yeah, we get it, scary stuff that belongs on Bladerunner, not in the boardroom! This is where we come in – we focus on the complicated stuff, so you don’t have to.


Specialist performance marketing agency + content & SEO. Performance marketing experts.


Specialist performance marketing agency + content & SEO. Performance marketing experts.

Data and insights are at the heart of business performance. Whether it’s research, execution or measurement, a deep understanding of critical data points and the best tools & systems to generate them is essential. Our Google-certified Performance Marketing Agency in Germany and Mallorca covers all Performance Marketing categories – Mobile, Shopping, Search, Video, Display, Content & Affiliate Marketing, as well as the tools & systems that support them.

Understanding the critical data points

With this we measure and evaluate what really matters, our team is supported by industry-leading tools. Because: the right data means better results, higher performance and radical transparency in your marketing and sales processes.


Our special campaign services are based on a refined methodology. We believe that optimal performance is the result of constant analysis, hypothesis, testing and improvement. This approach ensures that our campaigns achieve our clients’ business objectives. Our pursuit of digital excellence is endless.

Human component

All the cutting-edge technologies, processes and data mean very little without smart people who know how to use them. We are proud to call some of Germany, Australia and England’s best performance marketing experts our team.

Specialist performance marketing agency + content & SEO. Performance marketing experts.

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