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Performance marketing for energy suppliers

What happens when our B2B SEO agency meets an energy supplier

Success story

Through a solid client relationship and an SEO approach that included CRO and content, impressive results were achieved despite a slow start.

Group 3


Organic impressions up 31% year-on-year

Group 3


The average position improved by 24.41

Group 3


The bounce rate decreased by 15% compared to the previous year

Energy supplier

German energy supplier

Utilities that provide electricity and natural gas supplies to industrial customers, as well as various other energy partners, have specific performance marketing requirements.

The goal

More traffic and leads through organic search

While we were tasked with doing both organic and B2B performance marketing for this utility, organic search proved to be the most difficult but successful part of the project. Against the backdrop of an extremely complicated corporate infrastructure, patience and stakeholder management, as well as a holistic approach to organic search that included CRO and content optimization, proved successful.

The solution

"Rome was not built in a day".

This concept is familiar to anyone who works in a large company, but it presents some challenges for smaller, more agile companies working with them. Achieving organic growth for this utility required more than just adjusting metadata, ensuring mobile-friendliness, and implementing fixes identified by Core Web Vitals.

Here we learned that patience and building good relationships are just as important as technical SEO skills. Of course, we weren’t directly tasked with advising on content changes and optimization, but as any good B2B SEO agency knows, SEO means as much as technical correctness, producing good content and a great user experience.

Sounds simple, doesn’t it? A few changes to a website and your metrics improve? Well, yes, but in a publicly traded Goliath the size of this company, in a highly regulated industry where even the right way to communicate sometimes seems wrong, stakeholders are wary, systems and processes are inflexible, and change takes time.

Through patient but consistent collaboration with many internal stakeholders, often implementing or optimizing systems and processes and guiding this customer through digitization, changes slowly began to take place. The SEO efforts were combined with a B2B performance marketing strategy that included paid search via Google Ads and Bing Ads, as well as paid LinkedIn and Xing campaigns. The analysis shows an overlap of at least 5% between paid and organic search when looking at conversions. We still believe that a successful search strategy includes both organic and paid activities and efforts.

The success

Coming back to our B2B SEO agency....

and what happened when we ran into an energy giant? We learned that being a good agency partner means wearing many hats, many of which don’t fit you, many of which you’re not used to wearing, and many of which are simply someone else’s hat!

Being a good partner means going above and beyond, it means taking the call at 5:30 p.m. on Friday, it means having an hour-long discussion about something you weren’t hired to do and may not get paid for. It means understanding that people in organizations often have many hurdles to overcome in order to move forward. It means patience, understanding and building good relationships.

  • Pages/session: + 42%
  • Average session duration: + 67
  • Search engine advertising – conversions: + 52%.

” We can only report good things about the work with Tiki-Taka. The agency has taken over the management and placement of Google Ads, Bing and LinkedIn ads. This was supplemented by combined campaigns. We are an energy supplier with a pure B2B business, so it’s not an easy environment.
Mr. Enders did a very decided target group analysis and we were able to generate some very interesting leads. The cooperation was very pleasant. Even when things got hot, he was always available and always implemented even spontaneous ideas more than satisfactorily for us. “

Energy provider

We are happy to work with this energy provider and will be happy to work with you as well. Do you have a problem or a challenge? Talk to us. Free 30-minute phone consultation!

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