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PREO Software AG

How technical seo and content marketing strategies significantly increase organic visibility.

Success story

As a specialist in trading used software, the software service provider establishes contacts with interested parties through our content-based SEO strategy. In addition, he benefits from our SEO expertise, which leads to a significant increase in his organic reach.

Group 3


Increase in organic clicks in the last 3 months compared to the previous year

Group 3


Increase in clicks in the last month compared to the previous period

Group 3


Increase in page 1 keyword rankings in the last 3 months compared to the previous year

The PREO Software AG

& their niche product

PREO is a software provider, which sells used software licenses mediated. Based on years of experience, the founders have recognized the need for small and large businesses to, to gain a benefit for old software licenses. Dith their strong commitment, the founders have managed to position themselves on the market and establish the trade for used software licenses.

The goal

Increase traffic & inquiries

PREO was quickly able to win over large companies through a wide variety of sales strategies. However, this data was not reflected in their online presence, as brand awareness was limited due to the niche product. Therefore, the goal was to increase organic traffic and, accordingly, inquiries through our SEO services. To achieve long-term and sustainable success, we have developed an SEO strategy that is driven by regular, high-quality content. Thus, we were able to generate targeted and high-quality organic clicks.

The solution

A new content & keyword structure

An intensive, ongoing process began in which we worked closely with the customer to understand the exact scope of the software licenses booked.

This intensive process has revealed the need to deliver more high-quality content that takes into account the target audience appeal and clearly educates about the niche product. We have looked in detail at which way to target the right potential customer.

Through constant testing with the help of our tools, we have been able to consistently monitor whether the SEO measures are steering performance in the right direction.

We were also able to quickly recognize through intensive research that the content is not only highly relevant for potential consumers in terms of content, but that the content in particular is important in combination with a very detailed keyword strategy.

Therefore, we have also been able to control the content of the website with the use of targeted keywords and thus generate better rankings.

With the help of further, traditional, technical SEO measures, such as fixing errors & warnings as well as building qualitative backlinks, the positioning and performance was also significantly improved here.

seo content marketing


Keywords appear organically on page 1 on Google

The result


Keywords appear in the top 5 positions


Keywords appear on page 1


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