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Content marketing

Good content drives brand awareness, consideration and sales. But whether it’s a blog, a video, an Instagram Story or Facebook Meme, producing content that ENGAGES your audience is key to your success. So how do you do that? You use market-leading tools and systems powered by brilliant brains to get to the heart of your target customer and what is of value to them.

Content Marketing & SEO

Since Google’s ‘Panda’ algorithm update in 2011, customer experience and quality content have ruled. Original, authoritative, well-written content is what Google wants to deliver to its’ customers. If you want your customers to find your content, you need to make sure Google loves it! Using SEO tactics and working with an agency that understands how these two specialisms best work together is key to your content marketing success. Read more about our SEO services here. Tikitaka is obsessed with SEO and passionate about using SEO techniques to power Content Marketing. Any Content project beguns with extensive keyword research; to understand your product, the market, your competitors, and, most crucially, your target customers.

Our ‘Search-first’ approach ensures your content marketing hits the mark even before a word is written. For example, through targeted SEO or through precisely fitting content in Google Ads or social media campaigns. Once the target groups are with us, it’s all about the best possible user experience (UX) before, during and, of course, after the purchase.

Outstanding user experience is at the core of our content marketing approach. We always keep in mind how we can help prospects and customers with their questions and needs. We then combine this assistance with products and services in a meaningful, relevant way; giving your Content Marketing the best possible chance at generating ROI; be it leads, sales or simply awareness.

Value for customers, profits for you

Simple tactics that give users a great experience and help generate ROI connect the content to relevant follow-up actions for the specific part of the buying journey. Instructions such as ‘Read more’, ‘Download our free Pdf’ or ‘If you have other questions, use our chat function’ connect your Content Marketing with an outcome. So what about B2B Content Marketing? How DO you do B2B content Marketing for companies with longer sales cycles and higher-priced products? Is it worth it? Sure, no one is going to spend 300,000 euros right after reading a blog post, but good (and also bad) content influences buying decisions. And the more times your customer engages with your content and your brand, the higher the chance they will consider you when they are ready to buy your product or service.

Value, always

Are you ready to get your Content Marketing moving? We have English, Spanish and German content marketing consultants and have flexible packages to suit all budgets. Call or email us today!

Our customers

A selection of our performance marketing clients


Google Shopping & Remarketing

Through Google Shopping, Search & Remarketing, we were able to increase YOY annual sales & average order value, with the same budget and some obstacles.

Google Shopping und Remarketing-Strategien


Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase the average order value by 33%.



Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase sales through Google Ads by 27% - with the same budget input



Increase in clicks (YOY) through Google Ads - with the same budget


Group 9

Content strategy

Based on your business goals, we develop a custom-fit strategy that strengthens your brand and focuses on the entire customer journey of your target groups.

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Content upcycling

Nothing leads to more content marketing ROI than reusing, refining or adapting content once it has been developed. We help find such content and develop it into real hero pieces.

Group 9

Social media content

Attention-grabbing content on social media helps us gain visibility and bring target audiences to their brand or keep them engaged. Our social media editors have their finger on the pulse.

Group 9

Video Content

Moving images are an absolute must in digital marketing. In social media, display campaigns, and on websites, videos and animations offer users information or emotional messages that can be processed quickly.

Group 9

Narrative Development

A narrative helps make content marketing effective and efficient. Your target groups understand what your brand stands for. And your marketing team knows exactly which topics and formats suit you. We help to develop sustainable narratives.

Group 9

Competitive analysis

Better the opponents you know than the opponents you don't. Competitive analysis allows us to understand the competitors in your industry and figure out how to get your business to the top.

Group 9

Data-based topic planning

We validate topics with the help of data. Either own data or data from other providers (3rd party). In this way, we ensure that our gut feeling does not deceive us and that we keep a firm eye on the ROI.

Group 9

UX development

Getting people to your website is one thing, getting them to convert is another. We focus on conversion and user experience.

At tikitaka, we set realistic customer expectations upfront, and our holistic approach to content marketing leads to sustainable and desirable growth. By working together, we help our clients dominate online.

Industries for which we
Provide services

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Retail and e-commerce

We understand what makes an e-commerce strategy truly effective.

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Financial industry

We know you like numbers. In a competitive market, we create optimized campaigns that meet critical business metrics.

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It's important to understand where your customers spend their time and spend their money online. Our tailored approach means your beauty brand appears when you need it most.

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Legal industry

The care and ethics with which you run your business should be incorporated into your online strategy. Our team understands both.

Stroke 17

Real Estate

Real estate is not the only industry that is all about location, location, location. Being found when it matters most.

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tikitaka was and is involved in the digital marketing of this market, which has evolved from niche to mainstream.

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Medical industry

The medical industry has many nuances when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. tikitaka has experience in mastering these successfully.

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Their needs are constantly changing. Our team is experienced in developing strategies that adapt and evolve with you.

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Working with brands like MATE Bike means we understand the digital marketing needs of great startups.

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Automotive industry

tikitaka is your team of digital marketing experts for the automotive industry.

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We specialize in putting education providers in the spotlight so they attract the right students and learners.

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We support large associations in a professional and straightforward manner, such as one of the largest insurance associations in Germany.

Frequently asked

Content marketing is a multifaceted discipline. At a minimum, it includes strategy, content creation, campaigning and data analysis. Of course, it is also possible to commission only individual areas.

The costs for this depend on the application. A strategy for a startup with one product may be developed within a few days; for larger brands with many products, target groups, and stakeholders, the process may be more complex.

Content creation, campaigning and data analysis are also dependent on effort.

The most important rule of thumb: content marketing always costs money. Bad content marketing costs a lot of money.

Have the goals in mind and choose a partner who shares that view and aligns their actions and efforts with your ROI in mind.

Honestly, almost every company already relies on content marketing principles by sending content about products and services to their customers in a certain way. 

The question with very good content marketing is whether the real needs of the target groups are in view and whether the activities can generate or secure sales in the short, medium and long term. 

As you can see, content marketing is ubiquitous and an enduring task of any successful business today.

In a content marketing strategy, we work with our clients to define the key framework for implementation, such as goals, target groups, customer journey, channels, and analytics infrastructure and processes.

As a rule, strategy development should be iterative. Once a strategy has been established, it should be checked again and again to ensure that it is correct. In which cycles depends on the markets and the behavior of your target groups. 

Smart performance measurement distinguishes simple content marketing from very successful content marketing. First, you need to know what your marketing goals are and what KPIs represent success or failure. The biggest mistake marketers make when measuring success is using the wrong metrics.

Once you’ve identified the right metrics, it’s on to attribution. How do you know that blog posts generate leads or what traffic from social media campaigns leads to conversions?

Especially in multi-channel campaigns, you need to be able to identify which content adds value to your marketing efforts and which platforms users are using as they move through the customer journey.

At tikitaka, we have many years of experience in selecting the right KPIs and metrics, building a powerful and appropriate analytics infrastructure, and making content success measurable.

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