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Digital advertising

A great mix of the best talent in the industry and outstanding AI-driven technology ensures that we can deliver the best bottom-line results for your digital marketing spend – whether that channel is Google Ads, the Google Display Network, Facebook, Instagram or organic search.

Performance Marketing, Organic SoMed, LinkedIn, SEO & more!

Our multilingual, highly experienced digital marketing agency team in Mallorca has a strong understanding of how to strategically plan, execute and optimize digital advertising campaigns to help your business achieve profitable growth. Our marketing intelligence tools ensure complete visibility into the “real” performance of your campaigns.

At the heart of all our digital advertising strategies is a deep understanding of your key data. Your business metrics and goals, your marketplace activities, your competitive positioning, and your target market behavior. A clear understanding of this data forms the basis for all campaigns and their ongoing optimization.

Strategies based on your strengths and opportunities

Of course, all companies and markets are different, so we develop a unique strategy based on your strengths and opportunities. This is an organic approach that will evolve as we continue the never-ending process of testing and iterating to ensure maximum return on all your digital advertising. To do this effectively, we use a mix of optimisation and analytics technology so that our team of experts can focus on high-value activities such as strategy, test formulation, and data interpretation.

Our SEO company in Mallorca

It is this carefully executed methodology that underpins the success we have achieved for a range of businesses - from iconic German brands to small local businesses. Successes that are measured by measurable growth in leads, sales and revenue.

Our customers

A selection of our performance marketing clients


Google Shopping & Remarketing

Through Google Shopping, Search & Remarketing, we were able to increase YOY annual sales & average order value, with the same budget and some obstacles.

Google Shopping und Remarketing-Strategien


Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase the average order value by 33%.



Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase sales through Google Ads by 27% - with the same budget input



Increase in clicks (YOY) through Google Ads - with the same budget


Group 9

Data-Driven PPC

By leveraging deep information from multiple data sources, we deliver better campaign performance.

Group 9

ROI-based reporting

Sophisticated analytics that provide visibility into campaigns that add real value to the business.

Group 9

E-commerce strategies

Through the use of best practice shopping feed management and creative campaign execution, we reach the right target audience and convert them into customers.

Group 9

Behavioral Audience Targeting

We use custom segmentation technology to place your business with the right audience.

Group 9

AI-based real-time optimization

With the help of machine learning-based refinement processes, we achieve faster and better results.

Group 9

Innovative advertising design

Develop unique advertising messages and formats to capture the attention of your target audience.

Group 9

Attribution Modeling

Understand how campaigns impact the different stages of consumers' complex buying cycles.

Group 9

Multi-variate campaign testing

Conduct extensive campaign testing to continuously refine and optimize performance.

We are so confident in our ability to grow your business that we guarantee our results. If we don't achieve the targets we agree when we secure your business, we'll give you your money back! At tikitaka, we set realistic customer expectations in advance. We understand that marketing Euros need to count, and we make your money work hard - whatever your budget. Together, we help our clients dominate online marketing in Mallorca. We WILL make your business better, guaranteed.

Industries for which we
Provide services

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Retail and e-commerce

We understand what makes an e-commerce strategy truly effective.

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Financial industry

We know you like numbers. In a competitive market, we create optimized campaigns that meet critical business metrics.

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It's important to understand where your customers spend their time and spend their money online. Our tailored approach means your beauty brand appears when you need it most.

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Legal industry

The care and ethics with which you run your business should be incorporated into your online strategy. Our team understands both.

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Real Estate

Real estate is not the only industry that is all about location, location, location. Being found when it matters most.

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tikitaka was and is involved in the digital marketing of this market, which has evolved from niche to mainstream.

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Medical industry

The medical industry has many nuances when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. tikitaka has experience in mastering these successfully.

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Their needs are constantly changing. Our team is experienced in developing strategies that adapt and evolve with you.

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Working with brands like MATE Bike means we understand the digital marketing needs of great startups.

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Automotive industry

tikitaka is your team of digital marketing experts for the automotive industry.

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We specialize in putting education providers in the spotlight so they attract the right students and learners.

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We support large associations in a professional and straightforward manner, such as one of the largest insurance associations in Germany.

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