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Here you’ll find a collection of articles aimed at demystifying and simplifying the world of digital marketing for small to medium businesses. So you can get on with doing what you do best. 

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SEO Mallorca
Your guide to generating business through SEO in Mallorca.
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Local Online Marketing
Local online marketing is the best way for your business to reach valuable customers. Here are 7 tactics to help you get started with your strategy.
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How Covid-19 has influenced the digital marketing landscape
Covid-19 has undoubtedly changed the way businesses operate and consumers behave. But how has the pandemic affected digital marketing?
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Value of a backlink – how to determine it?
Backlinks are crucial. But how do you determine their value? Here are some surefire ways to assess the value of your backlinks.
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Let build backlinks
6 (+1) - Here are our most effective backlink building strategies.
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What is a Google Partner Agency
Why should you look for a Google Partner Agency? What does Google Premium Partner actually mean? Let us explain.
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SEO and User Experience in the Context of Performance Marketing
SEO and User Experience: When NOT to spend money on performance marketing. Wait, are we really saying that?!
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XING Vs. LinkedIn: What do the platforms offer advertisers?
XING Vs. LinkedIn - how do these two platforms compare when it comes to targeting advertising campaigns?
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Google December 2020 Core Update
Google announced its third wide-ranging core algorithm update for 2020 via Twitter on December 3.
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