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Do you have a Startup or product to take to market, but no idea how to acquire customers? An offline business you want to move online? A business idea which needs validation? Existing Marketing which costs the earth and generates peanuts? A website that does nothing but cost you money? We can help.

Strategic digital marketing consultants

Our Mallorca-based SEO & digital marketing consultants offer a fresh look at your current digital strategy and identify any gaps or untapped opportunities to develop an effective and sustainable marketing plan. We’ve created strategies for all kinds of businesses; from chefs to lawyers, banks to beauty salons. Whether you want an initial strategy to deliver yourself, or strategy and execution, we work hard to become part of your team and get under the skin of our business and target consumer.

Today, businesses have an overwhelming amount of digital marketing options at their disposal. Understanding which of these make sense for your business can be complicated and costly. This is where we come in!

Marketing Consultants to power your business

Our team of digital marketing consultants has been helping brands navigate the online landscape for over 20 years. Our wide-ranging knowledge and capabilities help you chart the right course for your company’s digital direction.

Value, always

First, we get to know your business and target consumer. Using powerful tools and the might of the human brain, we use data and insights to draw a picture of where success lies for you. Then,we develop a digital strategy to bring your business and target consumer together. Once the strategy is determined, we can help you identify the best marketing tools and methods to implement it. Based on the strategy, we help you constantly evolve to achieve engagement and conversions and grow your business can.

Our customers

A selection of our performance marketing clients


Google Shopping & Remarketing

Through Google Shopping, Search & Remarketing, we were able to increase YOY annual sales & average order value, with the same budget and some obstacles.

Google Shopping und Remarketing-Strategien


Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase the average order value by 33%.



Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase sales through Google Ads by 27% - with the same budget input



Increase in clicks (YOY) through Google Ads - with the same budget


Group 9

Search engine marketing (SEO and SEA)

SEM is a strategy that is crucial for every single company. When it matters, those who matter - your target audiences - should see it.

Group 9

Mobile marketing

With Google's mobile-first index, it's imperative to think mobile first now and in the future.

Group 9

Website optimization

Our Hamburg SEO consultants understand the intricate nuances it takes to create a website that is SEO friendly and maximizes website engagement and conversions.

Group 9

Online User Experience (UX) Design

The better the user experience, the higher the website conversion rate.

Group 9

Customer acquisition and retention

As every business knows, attracting the right customer is just as important as keeping them loyal to your brand.

Group 9

Content marketing

Your website must not only look pretty, it must also have substance. We know what it takes to attract and retain potential customers.

Group 9

Web analytics and online behavior

Our data depth and the ability to interpret key figures correctly and draw conclusions for business goals is one of our strengths.

Group 9

Social Media Marketing

Strategy, not shouting. Cultivate customer loyalty, build brand equity, and drive leads.

At tikitaka, we set realistic customer expectations upfront, and our approach to digital marketing ensures sustainable growth. Together, we help our customers dominate online.

Industries for which we
Provide services

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Retail and e-commerce

We understand what makes an e-commerce strategy truly effective.

Stroke 17

Financial industry

We know you like numbers. In a competitive market, we create optimized campaigns that meet critical business metrics.

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It's important to understand where your customers spend their time and spend their money online. Our tailored approach means your beauty brand appears when you need it most.

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Legal industry

The care and ethics with which you run your business should be incorporated into your online strategy. Our team understands both.

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Real Estate

Real estate is not the only industry that is all about location, location, location. Being found when it matters most.

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tikitaka was and is involved in the digital marketing of this market, which has evolved from niche to mainstream.

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Medical industry

The medical industry has many nuances when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. tikitaka has experience in mastering these successfully.

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Their needs are constantly changing. Our team is experienced in developing strategies that adapt and evolve with you.

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Working with brands like MATE Bike means we understand the digital marketing needs of great startups.

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Automotive industry

tikitaka is your team of digital marketing experts for the automotive industry.

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We specialize in putting education providers in the spotlight so they attract the right students and learners.

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We support large associations in a professional and straightforward manner, such as one of the largest insurance associations in Germany.

Frequently asked

Once you have engaged the services of our digital marketing consultant, they will work through the stages of our process.

Step 1: We conduct a SWOT analysis. We need to know where our starting point is and look at the company’s competitive landscape, market context, market opportunities, weaknesses and more. The SWOT analysis provides the information needed to begin understanding your specific context.

Step 2: We define SMART goals. We need to establish clear goals that are aligned with your business to determine what actions we will take. We will also compare and evaluate the metrics and revenue and create the digital conversion funnel that we will follow.

Step 3: We identify the target audience. We develop a detailed description of our target audience, detailing their persona, tastes, needs, problems, concerns, etc. This will be our buyer persona. Then we need to implement 360° customer acquisition techniques to reach users through multiple channels and a cohesive experience.

Step 4: One of our SEO and SEM expert will perform a technical analysis of your website, as well as the relevance of your content and the elements that need to be improved and strengthened in the digital domain.

Step 5: We build the team and implement tools. In this step, we need to figure out who is needed to implement the strategy and decide on the devices, platforms and other technical requirements.

Step 6: We implement the plan and support your team in this process. Our digital marketing consulting not only sets the strategy as part of our service offering, but also includes training and support throughout the implementation to ensure the desired results.

Perhaps someone has advised you to seek out a digital consultant. Aside from not knowing a digital consultant (or advisor), you may not even know exactly what such a person does or is.

Digital consultants wear many hats

The title itself is a catch-all term for all of a company’s digital needs.

There is the real world of analog business realities like buildings, computers, employees, signage, staplers and anything else you can get your hands on. These things are not the domain of digital consulting. Their domain is everything else.

As soon as you turn on the computer, you are now in the binary world. You’re in the online world of email, social media, Google, advertising, and anything else accessible by touchscreen, keyboard, or mouse. This is the world of digital consulting.

To some degree, the digital consultant must be a polymath: a jack-of-all-trades in all things digital and a master of all things digital marketing. If not a master, then at least a very competent one.

Think of the consultant as the quarterback of the digital team. He or she must know all positions well enough to lead them.

Here’s some of what digital consulting is ultimately responsible for:

  • SEO
  • Advertising
  • Web design
  • Social media
  • Analytics
  • Content marketing

Many of you may think that the marketing department or marketing executive in an organization can handle the consulting process themselves, but that is not always the case. Agency consulting services offer a new perspective and a level of specialization rarely attainable by other means.

These are the reasons for hiring a digital marketing consulting firm:

  • An outside perspective: One of the main motives for hiring a consultant is to get an outside perspective. They see things with more clarity and, above all, objectivity.
  • The specialization: a digital strategy consulting firm gives you the opportunity to work with specialists in all areas of marketing such as UX, SEO, social media and others. You optimize timeframes and resources by working with specialists in these areas.
  • The cost: Time is money, and a consultant can save an organization money. Their expertise will ensure they can solve problems faster.
  • ROI: Digital consulting ensures that your spend is worthwhile, and it can measure its return on investment against your performance indicators.

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