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Search engine optimization (SEO) is THE critical component of any digital business strategy. It’s also both complex and time-consuming without the right tools & expertise. Our SEO company in Mallorca, London & Hamburg is the team you need.

SEO: Cost-effective, sustainable

Our refined, multifaceted, multi-datapoint methodology for generating organic search traffic really works. So many agencies say they do good SEO. We just get on and do it. Supported by Google as Google Partner, tikitaka offers effective and fairly-priced SEO services in Mallorca, Germany and Australia.

Strategy, execution, optimisation, results. It’s our SEO company playbook – in Mallorca, Germany or on the moon! Customised to your business, 100% tailored to your target customer and their needs, our insights-rich SEO strategies not only increase your organic search presence, but also helps improve your entire business ecosystem.

Tailored, budget-friendly SEO

Every customer is different. We build tailored solutions that work for YOU. Our SEO experts spend a lot of time getting to know your business, your competitors, your goals and the market you operate in, to fully understand what is valuable to your business. We guarantee our results, so we have to be sure we can win.

Our SEO company in Mallorca

We use a mix of analytics & optimisation tools to bring your customised SEO strategy to life. These tools combine with unbeatable human smarts acquired during 15 years' of SEO work to help you dominate the search engines.

Our customers

A selection of our performance marketing clients


Google Shopping & Remarketing

Through Google Shopping, Search & Remarketing, we were able to increase YOY annual sales & average order value, with the same budget and some obstacles.

Google Shopping und Remarketing-Strategien


Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase the average order value by 33%.



Compared to the previous year, we were able to increase sales through Google Ads by 27% - with the same budget input



Increase in clicks (YOY) through Google Ads - with the same budget


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Technical SEO

A fine-tuned approach to a constantly evolving discipline. Search engines evolve from day to day, just like we do.

Group 9

Website migration

Transitioning from one location to another is a big step. We make sure that your search ranking is not negatively affected.

Group 9

Mobile-first strategy

78% of people will read this on a mobile device. Are you prepared for this in conjunction with Google's mobile-first index?

Group 9

UX development

Getting people to your website is one thing, getting them to convert is another. We focus on conversion and user experience.

Group 9

Hyperlocal SEO

Like a magnifying glass, we improve your brand's visibility for niche search terms.

Group 9

Content strategy

Content development and syndication is the foundation of a strong organic search strategy. Our copywriters are some of the brightest minds in the business.

Group 9

Penalty Recovery

Our ethical and organic SEO growth tactics ensure you get on Google's good side and stay there.

Group 9

Auditing of the competition

Better the opponents you know than the opponents you don't. Competitive analysis allows us to understand the competitors in your industry and figure out how to get your business to the top.

At tikitaka, we set realistic customer expectations upfront, and our 'no stone unturned' approach to organic search marketing ensures results always exceed expectations. Together we help our clients dominate SEO.

Industries for which we
Provide services

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Retail and e-commerce

We understand what makes an e-commerce strategy truly effective.

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Financial industry

We know you like numbers. In a competitive market, we create optimized campaigns that meet critical business metrics.

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It's important to understand where your customers spend their time and spend their money online. Our tailored approach means your beauty brand appears when you need it most.

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Legal industry

The care and ethics with which you run your business should be incorporated into your online strategy. Our team understands both.

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Real Estate

Real estate is not the only industry that is all about location, location, location. Being found when it matters most.

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tikitaka was and is involved in the digital marketing of this market, which has evolved from niche to mainstream.

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Medical industry

The medical industry has many nuances when it comes to privacy and confidentiality. tikitaka has experience in mastering these successfully.

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Their needs are constantly changing. Our team is experienced in developing strategies that adapt and evolve with you.

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Working with brands like MATE Bike means we understand the digital marketing needs of great startups.

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Automotive industry

tikitaka is your team of digital marketing experts for the automotive industry.

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We specialize in putting education providers in the spotlight so they attract the right students and learners.

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We support large associations in a professional and straightforward manner, such as one of the largest insurance associations in Germany.

Frequently asked

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the process of improving your website’s visibility in Google’s organic results. If done well, it has the potential to dramatically increase the number of visitors to your website, which in turn will improve your bottom line.

At tikitaka, we pride ourselves on our data-driven SEO methodology, which we believe sets the standard as the best SEO agency in Mallorca.

Unfortunately, there are a number of SEO agencies out there that don’t play fair and often use illegal techniques to manipulate search engines. These techniques and the SEO agencies that use them can cause long-term damage to your online presence. Anyone promising to ‘put you on page 1 in two weeks’ or ‘generate 1 million backlinks a month’ should be avoided at all costs!

To avoid being locked into a contract with one of “those” SEO companies, Search Engine Land; one of the leading voices in SEO, gives the following advice when interviewing and selecting an SEO provider.

1. Develop & define goals: Good agencies will ask you pretty early on what your goals are whether those are tied to ROI, conversions, or whatever your measure of success is. (Beware if someone wants to do SEO for you without getting into the topic.)

  • 2. You’re likely looking for an SEO agency because you don’t have the internal SEO expertise or time resources required to succeed. Whatever the case, there will be some level of collaboration or effort by you or your team to have a successful agency partnership.
  • 3. Budget: You can hopefully find some budget parameters to work from by taking the combination of goals and knowing what ROI looks like, plus the internal resources or existing partners you can lean on. Even if you want to hear the first number from the agency, knowing your budget parameters will help you qualify faster and filter the ideal agencies in terms of size, scope, and fit. 4. Do your research! As you look at websites, be mindful that specific dimensions matter. That includes the size of the agency compared to your organization. Or, more importantly, how capable they are of serving your company. The stage of your company’s growth and lifecycle might be another factor to consider.
  • 5. Plan your interviews: The more organized you are in the questions you ask, the more objective your comparison can be at the end of the agencies you are considering. 6. Evaluate fit: Do your personalities match? Assess the fit between teams. Learn about retention rates of employees and stability. Understand what level of transparency to expect. How hands-on will they be?
  • 7. Do a gut check: Does something sound too good to be true? Is something off? Is there a red or yellow flag somewhere? Trust your gut and dig deeper. If you have concerns about how you match up with the agency, validate them. Ask your hard questions. 8. Beyond resource constraints and lack of enough understanding of SEO strategy – communication and mismanaged expectations are among the biggest roadblocks to success. Every client has a different level of SEO knowledge, awareness of SEO processes, and a grasp of the agency’s unique takes on those things. We (agency people) can take for granted that not everyone nerds out at the level we do. Ask, and ask again if you’re unclear on what the process is.

9. Be clear on the terms: Don’t sign something that you haven’t read! If you don’t understand the agreement’s contents, have a lawyer or advisor familiar with SEO look over it. Beware of long-term agreements, sticky cancellation clauses and work ownership claims. None of those things are wrong, but you want to know what you’re getting into.

  1. SEO is not black magic and it will not work overnight. If an agency promises instant rankings, or guaranteed page 1 results, avoid them, as they are likely practicing poor SEO – this could cause irreversible damage to your domain in the long run and severely affect your reputation with Google.
  2. SEO suggestions should be guided by Google’s best practices – Ask the SEO to back up his or her strategy recommendations with supporting documents from Google (e.g., an article from its help center, a response from Googlers in its forum, or a video).
  3. Good SEOs aim to improve the overall experience of searchers – The recommended changes should aim to create not only a search-friendly website, but also a user-friendly one.
  4. Quality SEOs will be truly invested in your business – they will be interested in learning more about your business from a holistic perspective and truly care about your business goals, customers and other existing marketing efforts.
  5. Good SEO takes time – Expect two to six months before you expect to see real search results from strategy implementation. A good SEO strategy has many components and unfortunately no magic tricks to make it work faster.
  6. The potential of an SEO is only as high as the quality of your business or website – Investing in a user-friendly website will significantly help any implemented SEO strategy. You can not build a house without a solid foundation.

Our SEO packages start from as little as €500 per month after an initial audit and recommendation process. The cost for the inital work varies depending on the amount of pages to be reviewed, but is usually around €1-2,000.

While cost is obviously important, the ultimate goal of SEO is to generate a positive return on investment for your business – so it’s important to choose an SEO company that has the experience and a strong track record of delivering results.

The danger of focusing on price in your decision is that you often end up at the lower end of the market, with vendors who outsource much of their work or operate at a loss to establish themselves and win new business.

We have seen countless examples of “cheap” SEO campaigns, and the long-term cost to the business can be enormous. Recovering from a (Google) penalty or correcting past mistakes can often take months of work, and the lost revenue during that time can be worth thousands to a business owner.

At tikitaka, our focus for your SEO campaign is return on investment. Our Mallorca-based SEO company has over 15 years of experience and have run hundreds of campaigns that have a real impact on the bottom line of businesses in a variety of industries. We encourage you to read reviews, do your research, and make an informed decision before investing in digital marketing services.

SEO is a medium to long-term strategy aimed at achieving higher rankings in Google search, leading to more website traffic, leads and sales. The key is consistency and quality, not immediacy of results. This measured approach will help your business stay ahead of the competition in Google search results.

A secondary consideration is also the quality of SEO work being done behind the scenes. While immediate rankings are possible in some unique cases, most clients can expect positive movement in rankings for select keywords after the fourth month. The actual results for all the selected keywords in your campaign take shape after the fourth to twelfth month.

tikitaka has been proven to deliver consistently good results, resulting in a positive return on investment for search results in the medium to long term.

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