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Venture Capital Investor

Leverage LinkedIn marketing to generate awareness, consideration, and event sign-up conversions

Success story

See how tikitaka used LinkedIn marketing to generate event registrations for one of the largest and most active early-stage investors in Germany, based on a phase-based awareness-consideration-conversion campaign and advanced targeting.

Group 3


Video view-through rate +50% above LinkedIn global benchmark

Group 3


CPM -48% below LinkedIn's global benchmark

Group 3


Conversion phase video CTR +45% above global sponsored content video standard

Venture Capital Investor

Move personal events online

As a leading venture capital investor known for its work with tech companies, moving face-to-face events online due to the global pandemic was a natural evolution of a company with innovation at its core.

The goal

Cost-effective digital registrations for networking events

tikitaka was tasked with creating a LinkedIn marketing strategy to generate attendees for a digital networking event aimed at bringing together startups and innovative thinkers, and enabling decision makers to meet with top executives, experts and visionaries. The LinkedIn marketing campaign should enable cost-effective digital networking event signups through engagement with a series of video assets promoting the event.

The solution(s) (there is never just one!)

Consistent targeting, optimization and personalization

The average LinkedIn user may not know the sophistication of the advertising management engine behind it. Not as advanced as Facebook Ads Manager, for example, but much more sophisticated than XING, which is why it’s our favorite business networking platform.

The advanced targeting capabilities of LinkedIn Marketing via LinkedIn Campaign Manager allowed us to take a phased approach during the six-week campaign period, creating both visibility and engagement through a carefully planned and regularly optimized awareness, consideration, and conversion strategy.

The first phase of the LinkedIn marketing strategy was about creating visibility among highly relevant audiences – people who would find the content really useful; CTOs, CEOs, startups, people working in business development, IT, operations and projects, as well as audiences and lists generated from internal sources.

tikitaka Tip: You don’t know who to address? Ask your employees! Instead of racking your brain about who is most likely to answer, talk to the people in the call center or on the sales team – the people who really know your customers. Your employees can provide truly valuable business insights that give you an edge in targeting.

These individuals were shown a polished, engaging, 30-second video asset that informed them about the event, with a direct “sign up” call to action. To maximize video views and signups, we tested two Sponsored Post variations: a short one that focused on the networking opportunity for innovation and startups, and a longer post that focused on the more educational, thought leadership aspects of the event.

The Consideration Phase is where things got interesting. First, we used a new version of the video asset to avoid creative fatigue and increase ‘reason to believe’ by focusing on different elements of the event. We also created new text variants that included a time-based push to increase sign-up readiness. Creative versioning is not particularly new or interesting, but it works. While it’s important to make sure that the core messages are consistent in order to anchor the information with the consumer (the golden ‘rule of 7’!), we always need to make sure that the creative doesn’t get boring or repetitive.

Apart from the creative and textual aspects, it is the intelligence of the advertising management and the great emphasis on rigor and attention to detail that distinguish tikitaka. After taking a close look at the users in the Awareness phase of the LinkedIn marketing campaign and their behavior, we decided to focus the Consideration phase on those who had engaged with our client’s video or profile. Video viewers were further divided into two categories: those who watched 50% of the video and those who watched 75% – these were our “hot leads.”

Creative targeting was further tested in the Consideration phase with the production of creative materials specific to men and women. The results were interesting and warrant further investigation: CTR was 10% higher and view rate 5% higher in the female-targeted cohort. It would have been interesting if we had tested the increase in performance (or not) between male and female targeted assets within cohorts – do females respond better to creative material that features females? We should definitely test that in the future.

tikitaka tip: You are not convinced of the awareness-consideration phase? They should be. The CTR of our Consideration cohort was 200% higher than that of our Awareness cohort. You want results? Talk to the right people in the right way. Or as Claire tikitaka says, “fish where the fish are”.

Finally, the conversion phase of the campaign started with another new video and targeting focused on those who had watched 75% and 97% of the previous video. Interestingly, the 75% cohort did better than the 97% cohort! We are still racking our brains over this question! Comparing CTR across the three phases provides further evidence of the targeting applied: conversion CTR was a whopping 250% higher than in the awareness phase and 17% higher than in the consideration phase.

The success

Video completion rate and conversion readiness

The completion rates of the videos views were as follows:

  • 7.92% Awareness phase (attention)
  • 16% Consideration phase
  • 25.2% Conversion phase

While we also tested video lengths during this campaign, moving from 30 seconds+ to 16 seconds in the next two videos, because the Consideration and Conversion phase videos were the same length, we cannot fully understand the impact of video length on completion readiness, nor can we rule out the impact of video length on the Consideration cohort’s significantly higher performance compared to the Awareness cohort.

What we do know is that this is further proof that short is best, and LinkedIn’s 2018 study** that found videos under 30 seconds had a 200% increase in close rates was right up our alley, with our shorter videos significantly outperforming our longer ones in terms of closures.

All of this proves once again the importance of short, crisp videos that don’t leave the most important messages and calls to action at the end of the video content. Assume that no one will see the end of you having this debate with the creative types in the office!

The ticket sales targets set by the customer were exceeded.


If you’d like to see what our obsession with data and our LinkedIn marketing skills can do for your business, contact us for a free 30-minute consultation.

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