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Free Google Adwords Account Audit

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Auditing your Google Ads account costs you nothing and you are under no obligation to fix any issues we find.

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Google AdWords Account Audit

Order your free Google AdWords Account Audit, which is typically more than 10 pages long and provides actionable insights on how to get better results from your Google Ads spend! Some of the areas we will be covering are:

✔ Account structure and settings
✔ Conversion tracking
✔ Target groups
✔ Deep insights into the areas with the highest expenses
✔ Overview of the most important KPIs
✔ And much more!

We cut through the platitudes and sales jargon and focus on the essentials

We know that as a business owner or marketing manager, you need to get to the basics quickly. Our 100% free Google AdWords Account Audit is designed to do just that.

Their free audit (which only applies to your Google Ads account) helps you decipher the numbers and shows you in clear German what works and what doesn’t, what can be improved and where you’re just throwing money down the drain.

We show you in detail how you can improve your results by making changes. It is then up to you who you hire to do the work.

Google Ads is a very specialized area of digital marketing. You should partner with a specialized PPC agency that has a proven track record of getting the best results for its affiliates.

So why not use this insider knowledge to give your company a competitive edge over your rivals?

What you can expect from your free Google Ads audit

You can expect clear and frank advice on many aspects of your account, from long-term issues that have cost your company a lot of budget to short-term problems that can be easily fixed.

What insights you can expect from your free Google Ads audit

All of our free Google AdWords account audits are unique to each ad account and therefore have natural variations in the elements we examine and report on depending on what we find. Below is a guide to some of the basic areas our highly skilled PPC experts will explore when conducting and creating your free Google Ads audit.

Summary of the results

A clear summary of the account and our results in easy-to-understand language that clearly shows the state of your account - based on our free Google Ads Report results.

Overall result of the test

This is your account audit score and is represented as a score out of 100. This should show you at a glance how well your account is performing in terms of the items reviewed in your Google Ads account.

Quality Score

How well do your keywords perform against industry standards and best practices? Learn about the quality of your keywords and where you can improve them to lower your cost per click and improve your prospects' experience when interacting with your account's keywords.

Ad Extensions

Google Ads now offers many ad extensions, and most accounts should try to customize them to improve QA and increase the visibility of your ads in Google SERPs. Here we look at how well they are managed. Ad extensions should be optimized regularly to drive the account forward. Ad extensions should be in line with the account's KPIs and improve CTR and account effectiveness.

Conversion performance

This feature highlights and tracks statistics from the last 12 months and reports on key metrics, including cost per acquisition, cost per lead, conversion rate, click-through rate, and search impression share, highlighting fluctuations and potential areas for improvement.

Are you interested in a free audit?

Below you will learn about the process for a free Google Ads audit with us!

Your free Google Ads audit couldn’t be easier, all you need is a Google Ads account!

As a reminder, your audit is free and you are under no obligation to hire us to perform any work. So book your audit today! What do you have to lose?

Say Hello
Contact us today - let us know you are interested, this can be done by calling us or filling out the contact form. Our experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Your account number
Our experts need your CID (customer ID number). You can find them in the upper right corner of your Google Ads account. This number is 10 digits long and looks similar to XXX-XXX-XXXX.
Confirm our account access
Once our experts know your CID number, they will request access to your account through our Google Ads MCC (My Client Center), our agency's Google Ads account. Our experts use a Google MCC so they can access third-party Google Ads accounts like yours. Once the experts have requested access to your account through our MCC, you will need to go into your Google Ads account and accept that we may link to your account. You can remove our access at any time - you have full control! And rest assured that we will not make any changes to your account.
We start working on your free Google Ads audit
Once our Google Ads specialists confirm that we have access through our MCC, we can schedule your 100% free Google Ads audit. You'll soon be able to reap the rewards by figuring out how to improve your Google Ads account! We will schedule your audit and let you know when it is expected to be completed. We strive to complete your free Google Ads review within five business days.
Video conference on the results of the exam
Once your free Google Ads review is complete, we'll schedule a screen-sharing meeting with you. You can have as many people from your company participate in the interview as you like. We recommend that anyone with a financial interest (CEO, COO, Directors, HR, Digital Marketing Managers, etc.) should attend the free audit results conversation. This is the best opportunity to ask questions around the free audit and its results. These audits are usually more than 10 pages long, so they go into great detail and are explained in plain German, so all experience levels should be able to handle the details revealed. After the interview, we will email you copies of the audit so that you have a hard copy.
Next steps - Process the results and improve your Google Ads account
You can ride off into the sunset and reap the rewards of a better return on investment (ROI) from your Google Ads account! - However, if you want the work to be done as part of a larger and smarter BSSS (Business Specific Success Strategy) with higher ROI, Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), and actionable, business-focused Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to improve your company's bottom line, we're happy to talk with you further.

Book your 100% free Google Ads Audit and get better results fast!

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